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Nursing Home Abuse Not Reported

According to the Associated Press, more than 1 in 4 cases of nursing home abuse are not being reported.  A recent government audit of nursing home abuse, conducted by the Health and Human Services  inspector general’s  office found that Medicare is failing to enforce mandatory reporting procedures, which is directly leading to underreporting of nursing [...]

Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses; What you should know before selecting a nursing home

At some point you will be faced with the care of a sick or aging parent.  Your mom or dad needs a nursing home and you think you have found a good one.  You are handed a stack of paperwork to sign to get them admitted.  Hidden in that stack will be a piece of [...]

Nursing Home Negligence in State-owned Nursing Homes

Nursing home negligence is a major problem in Ohio.  With the ever increasing number of Ohioans needing nursing home care, it is important to protect the residents of nursing homes from nursing home negligence.  Whether it be nursing home falls, nursing home abuse or untreated bed sores, problems can arise that impact the safety of [...]

Nursing Home falls/drops and Hoyer lift injuries

Nursing home falls/drops and Hoyer lift injuries Nursing home residents are often limited in their mobility, and rely on the care and assistance of nursing home staff. One of the most common types of assistive aids in nursing homes is a Hoyer lift.  Hoyer lifts are mechanical devices that lift and move nursing home residents. [...]

Do I have to sign an Arbitration Agreement to get medical care?

SHOULD I SIGN AN ARBITRATION AGREEMENT?                 No, you should not sign an arbitration agreement with any health care provider.  It is becoming more routine practice for health care providers to ask patients to sign an arbitration agreement before receiving medical care.  Often times the medical care provider [...]

Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Homes

Each year, thousands of nursing home residents needlessly suffer from pressure ulcers.  A pressure ulcer is an injury to the skin caused by unrelieved pressure that results in damage to the underlying tissue.  They are often referred to as bedsores, decubitus ulcers, or pressure sores.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that [...]

Can I sue my Nursing Home?

It is estimated that 80,000 Ohio residents live in nursing homes.  Many nursing home residents are happy and healthy.  However, there are also many who are not.  Nursing home negligence many cause serious injury and even death.  Unfortunately, all too often nursing homes are inadequately staffed with under qualified individuals who simply do not have [...]

Nursing Home Neglect in Dayton

You might have seen mention in today’s Dayton Daily News about allegations of nursing home neglect by Arbors at Dayton.  Unfortunately, this type of neglect and even abuse happens more often than you might expect.  In the last few years, Medicare inspectors have found 14,663 health and safety deficiencies in Ohio nursing homes, with 333 [...]