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Doctors Ignore Electronic Warnings

Doctors ignore electronic warnings   Electronic medical records are becoming the norm in all medical facilities.  These records are helpful because they standardize information between medical providers.  They also come with built-in warnings to alert doctors when there is a potential problem.  The warnings might be because certain drugs entered into the record may have [...]

Breast Cancer Detection and Malpractice

  The U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling invalidating patents that a company had obtained on the human genes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.  These two genes are basically associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risks.  The company that had obtained the patents was called Myriad.  They were attempting to stop other laboratories [...]

Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosed 30 Times

I read a tragic story today about a British woman who recently died after doctors missed 30 chances to diagnose her cervical cancer.  Jeannine Harvey was a 33 year-old mother of 4 who died as a result of cervical cancer.  She died more than eight months after blood tests revealed health concerns.  She first complained [...]

12 Million Misdiagnosis Mistakes Every Year

At The O’Keefe Firm, we have spent many years dealing with misdiagnosis mistakes.  These are mistakes made by doctors and other health care professionals in deciding what is wrong with a patient.  A very common situation is when a doctor misses signs of an injury or disease.  We see this often with failure to diagnose [...]

Failure to Diagnose Malpractice Leads to Multimillion Dollar Award

Failure to diagnose a medical condition is a common cause of harm to patients and their families.  In Houston, Texas a jury recently returned a 4.2 million dollar award to a woman who lost her husband when a doctor failed to diagnose a “simple, straightforward” condition.  Lancer Windrum, a 46 year old man, went to [...]